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About XML Sitemap Generator

What exactly is a visual sitemap?

A visual sitemap is a hierarchical diagram that helps people understand the structure of a website, as well as the interrelationships between pages (sections) and the navigation mechanism. It is frequently used as a starting point in the development of websites.


Sitemap Creator is a free high quality online tool offered by  to assist you in quickly creating functional XML Sitemaps for your website.

To begin reaping the benefits, simply add the generated site map to your website.

This tool has been aimed at meeting the SEO requirements required for a high ranking.

You can use our tool to create a site map with up to 500 pages, multiple frequency of change, and predefined priorities.

This tool can also act as an accountant for your website while creating a site map. It assists you in calculating both the total number of pages and the actual number of pages indexed on your website. If your indexing value appears to be decreasing in any way, you can take the necessary steps to improve it.

Our sitemap generator is extremely adaptable. It works with all of the major search engines, which include Google and Bing. It can also work for your site despite of if you use WordPress or another website builder.

How does the XML Sitemap Generator work?

Follow these steps to use XML Sitemap Generator:

  • Enter a domain name here.
  • Change the Modified date.
  • Determine the Frequency
  • Set the priority to Default.
  • Set the number of pages that must be crawled.
  • Click the Generate Sitemap button.