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About Word Counter


Assume you've written an article and want to know how many characters or words it contains. Then, if you begin counting one by one, sit back and get started because you are about to embark on a long counting journey. So, what if we told you that there is a quick way to see how many words or even characters the article contains? This app is designed specifically for people who have written lengthy blogs and articles, as well as those who have written these long thesis reports assigned to them and want to see the word count at the end. This app, "Word Counter," is created to make it easier for people.

This SEO tool will help to determine the number of words in the article. One of the most useful aspects of this useful tool is that it will count these words even if your article is written in any language in the world. This software will assist you in determining the word count of your article, whether it is written in English, Urdu, Chinese, Spanish, or Japanese. This tool has a number of options in addition to the word count.

How Do I Use a Word Count?

To use Word Counter to count your words, do the following:

  • Fill in the details with your text/paragraph.

  • Click the Word Count button.
  • You will be given the total number of words and characters.