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About Grammar Checker

 About the Grammar Checker tool:

A grammar checker is used by writers to ensure grammatical accuracy and consistency in their writing. A checker will usually use a visual aid to indicate when a mistake was made in the writing. Microsoft Word, for example, highlights mistyped words with a red squiggly line and incorrect phrases with a green squiggly line. When proofreading a document, using a grammar checker can save time, provide beneficial feedback to help a user learn about grammar, and make sure that writing is error-free, which is critical when writing relevant things.

While using a grammar checker, use caution:

Since grammar is complex and ever-changing, programs are far from perfect; therefore, users should never rely exclusively on one and should continue to use their own professional judgement when writing. While software applications have specific syntax and grammar, natural languages, which have many rule exceptions, do not!!!
Natural languages really aren't required to follow strict rules and therefore are not restricted by specific syntax. As a result, achieving accurate and complete grammatical verification is challenging.

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