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About Bulk Geo Ip Locator

Location Eye is a tool that allows you to get the location of multiple IP addresses as well as their geographic information in one click. Enter the IP address into the box below, and it will pinpoint their physical location on an interactive map for your viewing pleasure! This tool can be useful for anyone who wants to see where various people are visiting from - either through your website, mobile app or other service. You can impress others by having them check out what countries or regions they're accessing your content from. There are two cool features - firstly, Countries lists how many visitors have come from what country, while Regions shows how many people have a certain continent as their origin of internet access.

How Does the Bulk Geo IP Locator Work?

To use the Bulk Geo Ip Locator, follow these steps:

  • Enter up to 20 IPs (each IP must be on a separate line).
  • Click the submit button.