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About Online Ping Website Tool

About the Online Ping Website Tool tool:

Do not wait for search engines to recognize changes to your website.

A blog increases the value of your website as long as you keep it up to date and have fresh content on it. You should use this tool to notify search engines of your new or updated page after publishing a new article on your website, whether daily, weekly, or monthly.

It is not uncommon for the category of a link to differ from that of a website. A home and garden blog, like any other, may cover a wide range of topics, so one post titled "Upgrading Recycled Bottle Caps into Alphabet Magnets" could be classified as "Arts & Crafts" or "Hobbies & Collectibles."

Instead of entering your top level domain, enter the direct link to your new post in the pinger and choose the best category that describes the nature of that page.

How does the online Ping Website Tool works?

To use the Online Ping Website Tool, follow these steps:

  • take the following steps:
  • Enter the URL of your blog.
  • Enter the name of your blog.
  • Enter your blog's most recent URL.
  • Enter the URL of your blog's RSS feed.